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Muscat Holidays: A Sabbatical In Middle East

Attractive, beautiful port capital of pleasant country of Oman, Muscat attracts thousands of tourists worldwide to have a wonderful time watching spectacular attractions, shopping in fascinating malls and markets, exploring amazing landscape, and discovering rich history of the city.  Muscat, which is located on the Gulf of Oman, has stunning desert and mountains surrounding it and incredible high rises developed in the city. And, if you wish to visit this fabulous metropolitan city of Oman for a sabbatical, learning about tourist attractions here can help make your trip more interesting. Read on to discover more about it.

Pay A Visit To Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

Make sure you visit the sprawling Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, one of the most incredibly beautiful modern mosques and third biggest mosque on the planet. Its construction took nearly six years. Watch amazing golden-lit dome which is about 50 m off the ground. Also, this Grand Mosque in Muscat is well-known for featuring the second biggest hand-woven Persian carpet in the world weighing 21 tonnes and comprising about 1,700,000,000 knots. View the spectacular 14 m tall chandelier present above the praying hall.

Taste Delicious Omani Cuisines

Your trip to Muscat won’t be complete without tasting scrumptious Omani cuisines, which are amazing blend of many Asian foods, herbs, spices, and marinades. Often, you can find delicacies comprising the staple of rice and fish, lamb, and chicken. Make sure you eat Harees, which is fabulous dish that mixes wheat with meat. Also, you can’t afford to miss having Kahwa, an outstanding Omani coffee having cardamom powder, which is served with Omani halwa and dates.

Watch Spectacular Sunset At Qurum Beach

Visit Qurum beach, an incredible sandy stretch located in Shati-Al-Qurum, to watch the stunning sunset during your holidays to Muscat. Many of the travellers are reminded of the charming beaches visited during their holidays in grenada upon visiting this beach. You will feel refreshed in its tranquil atmosphere. Enjoy a pleasant time in the beautiful lawn that runs parallel to this exquisite Qurum beach.

Explore Muscat City Centre And Matrah Souq

Don’t miss shopping at the Muscat City Centre, which is one-stop shopping centre for plethora of accessories, perfumes, footwear, clothes, and many other things. After shopping, relax at cafes here. Also, make sure you visit Matrah Souq, the oldest, traditional market in the Arab, to shop a variety of traditional and modern goods, such as Omani pots, household goods, leatherwork, amazing paintings, perfume oils, spices, ready-made garments, fresh jasmine, white dishdashas, and many other things.

Enjoy Horseback Riding And Birdwatching

Arabian horses are popular worldwide, and your kids can enjoy exploring exotic trails by going for horseback riding when vacationing in Muscat. If you love to watch different species of birds, you can visit amazing Qurum National Park to watch a variety of birds, particularly eagles.

Enjoy dancing at Copacabana Nightclub

If you want to enjoy nightlife when holidaying in Muscat, make sure you visit the Copacabana Nightclub in Grand Hyatt, one of the most entertaining and happening nightclubs in the city. The sprawling 150 feet dance floor and amazing neon lights adorning its sides let you enjoy a wonderful dancing experience here. Watch outstanding performances of popular celebrities and DJs at this popular Copacabana Nightclub.

If you are planning to explore all these fascinating avenues in Muscat,  plan to visit this beautiful capital of Oman by booking attractive deals of Muscat holidays anytime in the months of winter i.e. from October to March as temperature and weather during this period of the year is the most favorable for tourists

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