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Maldives Holidays: Luxury Holidays

Enchanting 26 ring-shaped atolls that make fascinating Maldives Islands is one of the most popular travel destinations that attracts thousands of tourists worldwide to enjoy their vacations in this fabulous island. You can find greater than 1,000 coral islands, lots of azure lagoons, extensive reefs, and spectacular beaches that help you have refreshing holidays. Busy fish market in Malé, the capital of the island continues to attract lots of locals and tourists to make some of the best purchases. If all these tempt you to spend your coming vacations in Maldives, learn some of the best tourist attractions and specialties in Maldives to explore. Scroll down to discover some prominent attractions in Maldives that you must not miss.

Pay A Visit To Malé Friday Mosque

Make sure you visit Malé Friday Mosque, one of the oldest and artistic mosques that you can find in Malé city in Maldives. It is known to have been constructed by using the coral boulders, which are abundant on the archipelago, and feature an amazing masterpiece of sea culture architecture. This incredible mosque in Maldives earns the fame of being listed in the UNESCO World Heritage cultural list in 2008 tentatively.

Don’t Miss Eating Maldivian Cuisine

Foodies should not miss trying traditional Maldivian cuisine, a scrumptious delicacy prepared by using fish, coconuts, and various starches like rice and potato, during your holidays to Maldives. Curries are peculiarities of Maldives. Most popular curry here is prepared using diced fresh tuna. Coconut milk is a crucial ingredient in Maldivian curries and delicacies.

Take Time Out To Relax At Fulhadhoo Beach

Plan to have a leisure time at Fulhadhoo Beach, one of the most popular beaches in Maldives. Lush green tropical plantations, sandy stretch of the coast, clear waters, and stunning sunset make Fulhadhoo Beach one of the enchanting attractions on this exquisite island.

Make Purchases At Malé Local Market

You can explore the fascinating Malé Local Market when visiting Maldives. Malé, the capital of Maldives, is hub of numerous markets. Buy gifts and souvenirs, such as unique slippers of coconut and palm leaves, for your friends and family. Also, make sure you try fresh coconut milk. Also, visit busy fish market in Malé to have fresh seafood.

Experience The Thrill Of Windsurfing

Don’t miss to enjoy the challenging activity of windsurfing during your Maldives holidays, as here you can find some of the best beach destinations to experience the thrill of surfing. March to October is the best time to enjoy windsurfing in Maldives. Kids can enjoy the fun of swimming in the clear waters of beautiful lagoons and pools on this spectacular island.

Explore Underwater Per Aqumm Niyama Nightclub

Have fun exploring six meters underwater lively nightclub by visiting the Per Aqumm Niyama nightclub. Enjoy devouring scrumptious cuisines and partying as the shoal of eels swim across. Make sure you watch amazing fishes, such as damselfish, grouper, and butterflyfish swimming in the water as the lighting tone changes at the night. Many of the tourists are reminded of the elegant nightclubs explored during their cheap holidays to orlando upon visiting this nightclub.

To explore all these avenues, book your cheap holidays to Maldives between November and April as you can experience the best weather during this time of the year. Think no more, just book your tickets with a few clicks and head to Maldives to spend wonderful beach holidays.

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