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Antalya Holidays: Discover Rich History And Natural Attractions

Fascinating city of Antalya is popular for its world famous historic sites, enchanting coast, scrumptious delicacies, and grand ruins. Azure water of Turkey’s spectacular coast and old towns are the best destinations for beach lovers and history buffs respectively. So, if you have Antalya holidays in your plans, learning some of the well-known attractions and peculiarities of this amazing city in Turkey can help make your vacations in Antalya more interesting. Here, we list some of the specialties of Antalya that you must explore.

Stroll Through The Old Town Kaleici

You just can’t miss exploring the Old Town Kaleici, which is a well-known historic city centre, when vacationing in Antalya. Watch fascinating whitewashed and stunning red-roofed Ottoman mansions that outline the welcoming cobblestone streets as you stroll through Kaleici. You can find her incredible structures belonging to the Ottoman, Roman, Seljuk, modern Turkish, and Byzantine era. Explore a host of art galleries, amazing souvenir shops, hotels, and restaurants as you tour through the city.

Have Traditional Turkish Breakfast

Don’t miss relishing scrumptious traditional Turkish breakfast that comprises honey, egg, cheese (feta cheese), fresh cucumber, tomato, black and green olives, and bread, during your holidays in Antalya. You can also have a glass of fresh orange juice, corn flakes, and fresh fruits. Antalya is also known for amazing jams that will leave you licking your fingers, so try them.

Delve In The History At Olympos Beach

Clear waters of enchanting Mediterranean present in the Olympos Beach make it fascinating destination to enjoy sailing in the pleasant waters. Watch pebbles 7 to 8 meters deep in the clear waters here as you sail. As you explore this  Olympos beach in Antalya, you can learn a lot about historical significance of the area. Watch the tomb of Captain Eudomos as you swim in waters of the sea. You can find a  writing on the tomb in the memory of the Captain and glyph of ship. Discover Roman Temple as you hike through pines surrounding the beach.

Spend A Day Shopping At Migros Shopping Center

Take time out of your schedule to enjoy wonderful shopping experience at Migros Shopping Center in Antalya. This sprawling shopping mall attracts lots of tourists to access a vast variety of department stores and supermarket. Even the tourists who have visited the elegant malls during their cheap holidays to hong kong find this mall quite fascinating. Also, after you complete you shopping, you can enjoy a movie in one of the eight theatres and have scrumptious food in the Food Court.

Have The Thrill Of Interesting Cappadocia 3 Day Tour

When vacationing in Antalya, you can embark on the interesting Cappadocia 3 Day Tour that offers you a unique opportunity to explore Cappadocia and the incredible Devrent Valley region, underground amazing city of Saratli Kirkgöz, and many other historic attractions. Kids can visit Aktur Park, an amusement park, and enjoy rollercoaster ride, fun bumper car rides, and ferris wheel.

Dance At Your Favorite Music At Salinas Nightclub

Experience the vibrant nightlife in Antalya by visiting the Salinas Nightclub, which is famous as one of the best destination for music lovers. Hit the dance floor and enjoy dancing at your favorite music. You can also watch popular Djs performing at this nightclub during your Antalya holidays.

Now that you know all these interesting attractions in Antalya, make sure you plan to visit this fabulous destination any time from April to November, as it is the weather is pleasant during this span of the year.

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